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About Us

The company – Ale Choinki – was set up in 2001, and is one of the leaders in the production of Christmas trees in Poland. Plantations situated on the Baltic Coast currently occupy over 200 hectares, and we plan to steadily increase the area.

Our main activity is the cultivation of Christmas trees, based on Caucasian fir, spruce and Norway spruce. These trees are most popular among customers due to regular shapes and intense colour. We produce and sell Christmas trees in a variety of sizes  (from 40 cm to 3 m), both cut, potted and in jute. It is important that in our tree plantations, without an extra fee, every buyer can chose the tree they want to buy. During such process of selection, our staff mark the chosen trees, attentive that once the tree has been marked, it is not sold  by mistake to another buyer.

From 2014, we have been acting as an official agent for Poland of a Danish producer of seedlings (one of the leaders in the production of seedlings in Europe)

Ale Choinki plantations boast high performance thanks to automated cultivation, nursing, efficient and state-of-the-art packaging and transport system. Each tree from our plantations is checked for a healthy looks, size, etc. Then, it is assigned to appropriate class quality, receives an individual label, is packaged in a protective mesh to prevent damage during transport, and placed on pallets or, if the customer so wishes, is sent is in loose packaging.

Sales of live Christmas trees (mainly to wholesale customers) is conducted from 1 June. Contracting larger orders will last until October 31. A minimum order is 100 pcs.

Selling the seedlings (here, with these words, links to seedlings sub-site) takes place in the spring (purchase by the end of February / delivery in April) and autumn (purchase by the end of June / delivery in September). A minimum order is 500 pieces of a given species. Larger quantities – over 5000 pieces – must be ordered at least four months before the scheduled delivery time.

We have a group of returning customers who have trusted us, and an opinion of a reliable business partner. trees are top quality.




AleChoinki na targach “Zieleń to życie”

„Zieleń to życie” to jedno z największych branżowych wydarzeń sezonu. Na targach można spotkać między innymi przedstawicieli roślin ogrodowych, technologii wykorzystywanych do produkcji roślin czy specjalistów z zakresu architektury krajobrazu. To okazja do wymiany branżowych nowinek i zacieśnienia relacji z partnerami zarówno krajowymi, jak i międzynarodowymi.


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Our Facebook profile presents what happens on our plantation, you will find advice on how to look after plants in gardens and on balconies. Welcome to YouTube to see how work is carried out  on our plantations.