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What determines the success in cultivation of Christmas trees is, first of all, appropriate selection of seedlings and proper cultivation. Our seedlings originate from the best European nurseries in Denmark and Germany. They are grown from specially selected seeds, certified for origin from low or moderate altitudes below 1300 m asl.
Caucasian region southeast and east of the Black Sea is the home of firs Caucasus. This area extends from southern Russia and western Georgia, reaching north-eastern Turkey. The most famous varieties are from Georgia – known by regional names of Ambrolauri, Borjomi, and Beshumi. Additionally, there are the following varieties of Eastern Russian Caucasus: Apsheronsk, Krasnaya Polyana, Psebaj, and Arhysz.

American states of Arizona, Colorado and Utah are home regions of blue spruce. Preferred varieties are the Kaibab, Misty Blue, Frank’s Canyon, Elder Berry, Jakob Lake, Big Lake, Magnum, Apache, Nutrioso, Redstone, Mascalero and Dove Creek.

We offer two varieties of the Caucasian Fir:

Ambrolauri Tlugi – the origin of the seeds: Georgia (Caucasus)
Apsheronsk, Mesmai – the origin of the seeds: Southern Russia (Caucasus)

and three varieties of blue spruce:
Kaibab, Apache, and Misty Blue.

By clicking here  you can see exactly on which hill in Georgia seed is collected for our partners from Denmark, which then uses the seeds to grow seedlings.